For Animation Guy I wanted everything to look and feel like sheets of paper.

I stumbled upon PaperCSS, which is an entire framework for… paper.

Paper CSS

This is also where I found out the “magical” value for this unique paper-like border radius for all buttons and elements:

.paper-like {
	border-radius: 255px 15px 225px 15px/15px 225px 15px 255px

And paper-like buttons.

Button that says contact

I also asked Guy to create “old school” animated GIFs, and he delivered.

Animated GIF of an old film camera

I also made the underlines react to hover, and added Lottie social icons.

By the way, if you need someone to create cool animations, he’s your guy. Pun not intended, but unavoidable.

I made a video about how Relume AI saved dozens of hours creating this site, so check it out.

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