In this video I talk about how In Elementor, I used to make these countdown timers on every Black Friday sale.

Elementor Black Friday sale landing page

The numbers were always shifting - especially when it comes to the digit of 1, because the font wasn't a monospace font, and I couldn't replace it with a font that wasn't "in brand".

The digits are always shifting

There’s one setting to go from unevenly spaced digits to perfectly aligned bliss.

Countdown with tabular figures activated

In Figma:

If you’re designing in Figma, tick the option of “Monospace lining”.

  1. Click the 3 dots (...) on Text
  2. Click Details
  3. Choose Style (if supported)
Monospace uppercase/lining in Figma
Monospace uppercase/lining in Figma

In Webflow

And on the web just use the CSS property of font-feature-settings, and "tnum" as the value.

  1. In Custom Properties choose the property font-feature-settings.
  2. Add the value of "tnum" (with the parenthesis).
Webflow: Custom property of font-feature-settings with the value of "tnum"
Webflow: Custom property of font-feature-settings with the value of "tnum"

In Elementor

  1. Add the following code to your page/site.
  2. Add the class of monospace to the Countdown widget (or any text).
.monospace {
	font-feature-settings: "tnum";
CSS class name: monospace
CSS class name: monospace

The catch

But there’s a catch - this OpenType feature is supported only on fonts that have been updated to support it.

Some fonts that support OpenType features
Some fonts that support OpenType features

As uncle Ben once said, with great fonts comes great responsibility.

with great fonts comes great responsibility

Until next time, cheers…

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