Create this unique text stroke effect on scroll:

Screen from Wix Studio Design page

See it in action

While working at Wix Studio I created this section to show the “power of CSS”:

The "power of CSS" from Wix Studio design page
The "power of CSS" from Wix Studio design page

The "trick"

The trick is using an image “sandwiched” between 2 headings.

  • One “regular” heading at the bottom
  • A small image above it
  • And a “fake” heading with text stroke and transparent color.

So when scrolling the “fake” heading hides the “real” heading, and that’s how this effect works.

3 layers: heading, image and a heading
3 layers: heading, image and a heading

Step by step instructions for Webflow

I am using Relume's Client First library for the structure, but it's optional.

List of layers

The section has to be very tall and centered to achieve the effect.

List of layers

Main Section

  • Section name: section_full-height-center
  • Display: Flex
  • Align: Center / Center
  • Spacing: Margin left and right on Auto
  • Size: Min. height of 220 VH
section_full-height-center layer

Padding sections

  • Layer name: padding-global
  • Padding: Left/Right 5%
padding-global layer
  • Layer name: container-large
  • Margin: left/right Auto
  • Width: 100%
  • Max width: 80 REM (optional)
container-large layer
  • Layer name: padding-section-small
  • Padding: Top/Bottom 3 REM
  • Position: Relative (this one is important)
padding-section-small layer

The "real" heading

The "real" heading has to be fixed to the screen. The "fake" one will scroll past it.

Positon: Fixed to center

The "real" heading has to fixed

The image

The image will centered to the screen.

  • Dislay: Flex
  • Align: Center / Center
  • Margin left/right Auto
Image aligned to center

The "fake" heading

This is one will have most of settings. It has to have a higher z-index, text stroke and transparent color.

  • Position: Fixed to center
  • Z-Index: 2 (anything higher than the heading)
  • Text Stroke: 2px and black (or any color that matches the "real" hading)
  • Transform: Y axis at 50%
  • Custom properties: color with the value of transparent
  • Under Settings set a custom attribute of aria-hidden of true
The "fake" heading, with z-index 2, fixed
Text stroke
Color: transparent
y-axis at 50%
custom attribute of aria-hidden of true

Final thoughts

Sometimes unique effects require some work, but that what makes them special.

This can be applied to both Webflow, Elementor or any other pager builder.

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